About Me

Some information about this site and the author.
About Me

Hello there! I’m Ricardo, medical doctor and self-taught software engineer. I work on machine learning and software engineering projects. I’m also a swimmer and dancer.

You can see my projects in my GitHub profile, read my blog or connect with me on LinkedIn. I am also very active on Twitter.

Why I created this site?

I started diving a bit deeper in some topics I knew about, I wanted to really go back to the first principles of computing, software and machine learning. After some time, I found that it was very useful for me to draw what I was learning. The drawings are also constrained by the size of the canvas and the colors or icons to include. Those constraints make it a bit harder to do them properly, but I want to put concepts as clear as possible, so I keep doing it that way. In this site I will also include some text, right now I've decided to constrain that text to a maximum of 3 short paragraphs. Why? You may ask. As I have learned about different topics, I found that a lot of information online has a lot of noise but very little useful information, I want to do exactly the opposite of that.

About the site

This place will be very "chill". I will do 1 or 2 posts every month, it depends on what I am learning about. Also, I don't want to flood people. You can subscribe if you want to be notified about new posts.